Domestic Holidays


Are single or shared rooms provided ?

Yes, both single and shared rooms can be taken depending on the availability at the time of booking. 

2}Are single or shared rooms provided ?

Yes, both single and shared rooms can be taken depending on the availability at the time of booking.

3}Are single or shared rooms provided ?

Yes, both single and shared rooms can be taken depending on the availability at the time of booking.

4}Can I book a package for stay and sightseeing?

Yes. Such packages are termed as "Land only Package." All services from the time of arrival till departure, i.e., Hotel Stay, Tours, and Transfers are included in the package. Also, you can customize the package basis your requirement and availability. 

5}Can I check-in early/ check-out late at the hotel?

We can place a request with the hotel but depends on the availability at the time of check-in. Extra charges if any for early check-in/late check-out will have to be incurred by the guest.

6}Can I make cash payment for my holiday package?

Yes, you can make a cash payment however if the package cost is less than two lakhs, then cash payment of Rs. 49,999 at a time is accepted without a PAN card. For packages costing above two lakhs, all cash payments require submission of PAN card copy. 

7}Does a package include transport as well?

You can check the services included and excluded for a package under the Inclusions tab.

8}How can I use Pay & Hold to book a Holiday package?

You can book a holiday package just by paying some nominal amount through our website & pay the remaining amount in next 24/48 hrs to confirm your booking with us.

9}Is there an extra charge for an optional tour?

Yes, optional tours can be included by paying an additional cost.They are not considered part of the package and can be included as per your preference.

10}What are the extra charges that I will have to incur on the trip?

Any sightseeing, meals, transfers, which are not mentioned in the inclusions will have an additional cost. 

11}What documents should I carry for a domestic holiday?

A valid government approved Photo ID, and residence proof (except PAN card) for each traveler is required. 

12}When will I get my travel vouchers?

The travel vouchers will be handed over to you three days prior to the date of travel.

13}Will I get a separate invoice for flights, hotels, and transport?

One consolidated invoice is given for a holiday package.

14}Can I customize a holiday package?

Yes you can. Though the itinerary of a group tour or holiday package is pre-designed and cannot be altered. The travel dates are fixed, and all services are on sharing basis. However, we offer a wide range of individual tours, events, and attractions. Incase you desire something different from the inclusions mentioned in our product range, please contact your local licensed travel agent or a travel bureau at the destination you plan to visit. 

15}How can I add a meal to my flight ticket?

You can choose your meal option while booking the flight ticket on our website. If you have already booked the flight, please call the airline directly to get the meals added in your ticket. 

16}Is food included in my ticket fare?

You can check the services included and excluded under the Inclusions tab.

17}What is the difference between star rating and trip advisor rating?

The star rating system is a yard stick for a hotel's overall quality. The star rating pertains to a hotel's level of service, facilities, rooms, location, price and other amenities. 
Tripadvisor (TA) is the rating of the hotel given by the guest basis their individual experience. For instance, a 3-star hotel can have a 4.5 TA rating, which means that majority of the users are happy with the hotel.

International Holidays

1}Can I book a holiday package using multiple credit cards for one booking?

Yes, DTC has the provision that allows you to make the booking using multiple credit cards. For details on the process, you can contact our customer service agent.

2}Can I book travel insurance with DTC while buying a holiday package?

Yes, you can book travel insurance by visiting our Insurance section online. For further assistance, please call our customer support centre. 

3}Can I cancel my holiday tour midway?

Yes, you can. But, the amount paid for the tour would be non-refundable.

4}Can I change the booking dates?

Yes, you can make modifications on the booking dates by calling our customer service center. However, the changes are possible as per the availability with the vendor and the terms and conditions applicable. 

5}Can you help with buying or selling of Foreign Currencies?

Yes. We are licensed money changers and can assist in buying or/and selling of foreign currencies.

6}Do I need a passport to go on an International holiday?

Yes. Passport is mandatory for all international holiday packages. And, it should be valid for at least six months from the date of departure. 
*The passport validity duration may vary depending on the country of visit. 

7}How are Travellers Cheques used?

You have to pay a commission charge while encashing travellers cheque in most countries. Many shops accept US Dollars. You are given the due amount in the local currency only. 
Always keep a list of serial numbers & the purchase agreement of your Travellers Cheques separate to your Travellers Cheques. It helps in getting the refund if your travellers Cheques are lost or stolen.

8}How can I get a visa?

You have to fill a visa application form and submit certain documents at the embassy or consulate of the country you plan to visit. The respective consulate may call you for a personal interview, fingerprint procedure or to furnish additional documents in specific cases. DTC provides assistance for visa application. However, the grant of visa is at the discretion of the embassy.

9}How does a tour package cover sightseeing?

Most package itineraries and tour programs include sightseeing. It may be a city tour or a visit to an individual site and attraction. A tour manager or local guide offer tips and instructions for sightseeing so that you can enjoy the most out of it. 

10}How much money can a resident Indian carry abroad?

Every resident Indian is eligible to carry foreign exchange up to US Dollars 10,000 or equivalent on one or several private trips to any country (except Nepal and Bhutan), under the BTQ (Basic Travel Quota) in a calendar year. 
At the time of purchase of BTQ, you need to submit BTQ application form, a copy of your passport and overseas travel ticket.

In a holiday package, what kind of vehicle is provided for the travel?
The type of vehicle provided during travel is mentioned in the travel details before you book your holidays. Generally, the vehicle type depends on the group size and destinations.

11}Is it possible to book three adults in one room?

Most hotels allow a guest to book three adults in one room by giving an extra bed. However, it is advised that you confirm it with our customer support or the hotel before booking.

12}What is the difference between Half-board and full-board meal plan?

A half-board meal plan includes breakfast and lunch/dinner whereas a full-board plan includes all the three meals, i.e., breakfast, lunch and dinner.

13}What medical precautions must be taken while travelling?

* In the case of prescribed medication, check with your doctor whether your medicine is acceptable or banned in the countries you would be visiting. You can carry the medicine only if it is permitted in the visiting countries.
* Carry the doctor's prescription indicating the medication and the condition, along with your medicines.
* Always carry medicines in their original containers or strips.
* It is recommended that you distribute medicines in different bags to ensure that you have a back-up in the case of the bag getting misplaced.


1}Can I use an international credit card for payment?

Yes, all international cards can be used to make payment for a booking.

While Booking

1}What does CWB and CNB stand for ??

CWB holds for a child with bed. When a child shares the room with their parents and requests an extra bed. 
CNB stands for a child with no bed. A child who shares the room with their parents and doesn't request for an extra bed.

2}What are the different modes of payment you accept?

* For online booking, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express credit cards and most major debit cards issued in India. We also accept Net Banking payments from most major Indian banks.
* You can also make the payment using our secure IVR payment system by calling our customer service helpline.  
* In the case of holiday bookings; cheques, drafts and wire transfers are also accepted. You can get in touch with our customer service helpline for more details on the same. 

3}What are the different modes of payments you accept?

We accept payment through the following modes:
1. Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, Diners Club and American Express)
2. Debit Card
3. Mobile Wallet (Oxigen, Mobikwik, PayU Money, SBI Buddy, JioMoney)
4. EMI Options
5. Net Banking
6. Cash Card
7. ATM Card